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About The Prophet

Founder and General Overseer of Breaking Yoke Ministry International

H.E Prophet DR. Cephas Kwame Kpegah Tamakloe  was born in Krobor a suburb of Takoradi, Western Region. He is a son of a fetish priest, the late Kojo Kumah Tamakloe and Mama Grace Amemasor, formerly a fetish priestess. Prophet Tamakloe was the sixth of nine children. He realized by the age of fifteen that God had a special call on his life and he publicly surrendered to God’s Will in the ministry at 17 years of age.

Upon graduating from Solid Rock Bible Institute, he earned a Diploma in Theology. He was then ordained as a Prophet. Then he went on to start Breaking Yoke Ministry in a very humble way in December 2003 at Nungua Odikoman, Greater Accra Region.

Prophet Tamakloe’s spiritual journey has been filled with trials and triumphs that have served only to renew and strengthen his faith in the Lord. His pastorate began in Nungua at Moving Gospel Ministry under the leadership of Rev. I.K. Arthur before moving to Pioneer the Breaking Yoke Ministry. He has consistently propagated the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through Radio Broadcast since 2004. His first radio broadcast was on Channel R 92.7 F.M. Currently, he is broadcasting on several radio and television platforms.

Before he was born his parents consulted a medium to find out about his destiny. The oracle revealed that his mother was carrying twins, one of the twins was not a complete human – his head was a beast and had a tail. The other was a complete human. They were both said to be supernatural beings with enormous powers but the beast was said to be good and the one to serve the gods in place of the father. The human, who happened to be Prophet Cephas Kwame Kpegah Tamakloe, was said to possess a contrary spirit and the one to destroy the works of the gods. It was predetermined that the human should be killed at birth for the beast to live. However, after eighteen (18) months Mama Grace was still carrying the two extra-ordinary babies. This led to a trip by Papa Gadzor to consult a medium that will unfold the mystery behind a one-and-a half year period of pregnancy. He left on Friday and on the Saturday 20th February, 1982 the Prophet was born. The following day the beast was also born. The elders of the town, who did not know about what has been foretold by the oracle, saw the beast as an abomination and killed it. Gadzodzo Madε Abō (i.e. his priestly title) came back from the trip and when he was informed about the birth and the circumstances surrounding the birth, he was very disappointed. He sought to kill the child and the mother. He came home chanting war songs and muttering threats to kill the child and his mother.  Mama Grace, upon hearing the threats, escaped with the child from that village to a village called Gyasi, a suburb of Agona Swedru in the Central Region.

As he was growing up, his father invoked the spirit of stubbornness that was intended to lead to his death. He climbed a tall coconut tree that was known to be sacred to the gods of that village. After climbing the tree, a strange hand slapped his face and he fell from the tree. He survived but the waist bone broke and he could not straighten himself. It was around this period when his mother also paralyzed. The hospitals could not help, the herbalists could not help and the fetish priests could not help but Jesus healed her. There after she surrendered her life to Christ. He started attending the church with his mother. He became the base drummer of that church. One day in a crusade, as he was playing the drum his waist bone joined and immediately he was straightened. He could now stand uprightly.

He was healed but a stealing spirit, also invoked by his father, which emanated from his traditional name was controlling him. Eventually, his mother took him to Rev. Vaglas Canko of the Lord’s Vineyard Ministry. The man of God anointed him with three bottles of oil, delivered him and prophesied on his life that God will use him. He gave his life to Christ and two years later started the work of the Ministry. At the age of 17, God spoke to him that He has called him to be a Prophet to the nations. His first assignment was to go and demolish his father’s shrine. He completed that assignment which fulfilled the foretold story about him. His father threatened to kill him in seven (7) days but it backfired. His father rather died on the seventh (7th) day.

His good works were recognized by the African Heroes Foundation, United Nations Economic and Social Council and the Institute of Chartered Professionals, U.K. Who jointly awarded him with an Honorary Doctorate Degree and also awarded by Dayspring Christian University, Florida – USA with a Doctor of Divinity Academic Degree. The Ghana Peace Awards 2017 also recognizes him as one of the most Distinguished Men of God in our Country today.

Today, H.E Prophet Dr. Cephas Kwame Kpegah Tamakloe  is a much sought after revivalist. His truthfulness in the delivery of God’s Word is hailed throughout the nation. A passionate preacher and gifted teacher, his dynamic leadership has ignited rapid membership growth. As a prophet, his prophecies are accurate, very convincing and effective. All his prophecies are confirmed to be true and comes to pass as events unfold. God himself is confirming his ministry with miracles and signs following.

A Word of Encouragement

His lord said to him, “Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord”.

Matthew 25:21