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DON’T FORGET GOD-Prophet Kpegah Tells Believers

DON'T FORGET GOD-Prophet Kpegah Tells Believers

“When God begins to prosper you, be very careful not to forget the source of your blessings, never break your relationship with Him”, Prophet Kpegah, General Overseer of Breaking Yoke Ministry International(BYMI) advised believers.

According to him, the main reason why God would bless anyone is for that person to become a blessing to His Kingdom and Humanity.

“Your achievements can divert your heart from God, remember God is a jealous God, do not allow creation to take your attention away from the Creator,” the Prophet noted.

Preaching on the topic; “Do not forget God”, the Prophet revealed that those who ignore God and boast in their blessings usually incur the wrath of God because God sees such persons as ungrateful.

Prophet Kpegah noted that most people usually forget God by allowing their blessings to shift their attention from God, “it is common nowadays to hear people use their businesses, jobs, marriages, children, etc. as excuses for not having time to serve God, you can attract the anger of God.

When you pray about a blessing and God answers you, never forget the source and allow it to take your attention away, “he noted.

Scripture References

Deuteronomy 6:12

Mathew 6:21

Luke 12:16

credit: Kingdom Scribes

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