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“You Can Only Fail If You Stop Your Faith”-H.E Prophet Dr. Cephas Kpegah

"You Can Only Fail If You Stop Your Faith"-H.E Prophet Dr. Cephas Kpegah

H.E Prophet Dr Cephas Kwame Kpegah Tamakloe has urged christians to hold unto their faith in order to stay connected to God for blessings.
According to him, the only way any follower of Christ can fail is when he or she disconnects from God by not believing in God, lost passion for the things of God, and stops believing in prayers.
“The strength of your faith determines what comes into your life, faith is the foundation of your blessings. By faith you can marry, own a company, travel abroad, run a successful ministry for God and many more”, he indicated.
Prophet mentioned that faith is the foundation for the deliverance for God’s people, without which many people continue to be afflicted with troubles.
” The strength of your faith determines what goes out of your life. Sicknesses,the spirit of failure, disgrace, disappointment, barrenness, poverty, premature death cannot stay in your life if you have solid faith in God”, says the Prophet.
He said there are different kinds of faith that believers operate with, according to the Prophet, some people have dead faith, weak faith, shaking faith, little faith, but only those with strong faith are unmovable, no matter the challenges they are confronted with.
The man of God encouraged believers to be unshakeable in their faith, bearing in mind that problems, temptations, afflictions multiply when they are closer to their blessings, “never stop your faith”, Prophet advised.
Scripture Reference
Mark 11:12-24
Philippians 4:13
Hebrews 11:6
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